BIO Wetlab Network Instructions

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To comply with cybersecurity requirements and provide the necessary computer security we have isolated the wet lab PCs into a special network enclave. This enclave does not support direct Internet connectivity.

In order to keep these computers best able to perform their intended task, we do not run unnecessary software on them that could interfere with the operation of the instrument. This includes antivirus software.

These computers can access the shared drive at \\\SHARED or as many of you know it the Y: drive (e.g. Y:\SHARED).

How to handle technician/service updates on instrument controllers

  1. Have the technician send you the software update files and place them on the Y: drive in the SHARED folder. (Suggestion: y:\SHARED\myinstrument)
  2. Access the files via the Y: drive.
  3. You or the technician can install or apply the software from there.
  4. If for any reason this is not providing the solution you need, contact at least a business day before the technician’s visit to discuss options.